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Complaints Handling Procedures


Movin is a copyrighted trademark owned by JSC Direct Mortgage Capital (“DMC”).

The objective of the Client Complaints Handling Procedure (Procedure) is to ensure that all DMC Clients (Clients) can exercise their rights to file a complaint with the regard to the services rendered by DMC. Procedure ensures that complaints can be filed using most suitable channel; that complaint reviews are unbiased and within in a reasonable time; and that complaints are responded in a timely manner. Procedure provides that complaints are registered and monitored by a specific employee appointed by DMC.


 1. Employee Responsible for Complaints and Register of Complaints

 DMC Management Board shall appoint one specific employee (Employee) who is responsible for set up and maintenance of Register of Complaints; registration of filed complaints; review and analysis of complaints; preparation of the responses and delivering responses to Clients.

Employee shall register all filed complaints into the Register of Complaints and record following details: date of complaint; channel used to file a complaint; identification data of Client (name, surname, contact information to respond to a complaint (phone number, e-mail address, or postal address)); subject of a complaint; date of response; and channel used to respond to complaint.

2. Filing of a Complaint

 Clients can file their complaints using following channels:
  • In person – by visiting the DMC Client service center (Pulkveža Brieža 15-10, 5th floor, Riga) where Client can file a complaint to any employee of DMC. Upon request the meeting with the Employee can be arranged and Client can file the complaint directly to the Employee;
  • Phone – by calling to the DMC office phone (+371 67 869 512). Upon request the conversation with the Employee can be arranged and Client can file the complaint directly to the Employee;
  • E-mail – by sending an e-mail to address where complaint shall be forwarded to the Employee;
  • Online – by filling out the contact form on DMC webpage;
  • Regular mail – by sending regular letter to the DMC Client service center address (Pulkveža Brieža 15-10, Rīga, LV-1045) or DMC legal address (Ganību dambis 3 k-1 – 8A, Rīga, LV-1045).
Filed complaints shall contain following information:
  • Client name, surname, personal ID number for private persons; and Client name, registration number, representative’s name, surname and title for the companies;
  • Date and place where complaint is filed;
  • Contact information and preferred channel to respond to a complaint (phone number, e-mail address, or postal address);
  • Subject and plot of the complaint. If necessary, Client also submits documentation supporting the complaint;
  • Signature of the complainant. If the complaint is filed the representative of the complainant, one shall disclose a power of attorney, confirming the right of representation.
3. Complaint review and response

Employee shall review and analyze the complaint and respond to the Client within 10 days. If it requires more than 10 days to review and respond to the complaint, DMC shall confirm with the Client extension of the response period. Extension of the response period shall be agreed in writing. If necessary, Employee shall involve other employees of DMC to review and prepare a response to the complaint.

Employee regularly (but not less than once a month) shall inform DMC Management Board about all Client complaints and responses to these complaints. Management Board shall review this information and, if necessary, decide on improvement of the client servicing procedures or (and) quality of rendered services to prevent similar complaints in future.

If the Client is not satisfied with the DMC proposed internal solution for the complaint, the Client may contact the Consumer Rights Protection Centre regarding the violation of the Consumer protection Law and regulations. Detailed information of the Consumer Rights Protection Centre and complaint procedures are available on the Consumer Rights Protection Centre website