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Cookie policy for MOVIN

This document sets out the use of cookies on and all related sub-domains, as well as on Movin online web application, explains the purposes for which cookies are used, as well as describes the rights of users to modify and select the use of cookies according to their needs.

Movin is a copyrighted trademark owned by JSC Direct Mortgage Capital (“DMC”). Cookies help us provide, improve and protect DMC services, ensuring that our offers are better suited for your needs, as well as delivering a more convenient and safe user experience. 

What are cookies?

When visiting a web site, cookies are sent to your web browser which provides information to the website about the user’s actions. Cookies are data files stored on an Internet user’s computer or other device (such as a mobile phone) and used to send information to the Internet user’s browser and then return information from the browser to the original homepage (for example, session ID, selected language and date).

General purposes of use of cookies are the following:

  • User authentication – entails user recognition and a safer use of the website.
  • Service provision and maintenance – cookies that functionally support the provision of Movin services.
  • Website security and integrity of services – cookies that help design services by creating the best user experience.
  • Usage statistics and analysis – provides information about how and how often Movin website or web application is used, what are the user groups and what search tools are used. Cookie statistics may be obtained also from affiliate websites.
  • Offering of services and analysis of customer needs – cookies that ensure development of offers that best meet customer needs. Third-party cookie information may be used on Movin website.

A user may be shown most relevant offers also on the online resources of cooperation partners.

Cookies cannot be used to access your computer or find out your personal data. Unauthorized third parties cannot access cookie information. Cookies cannot hold your information (such as name, surname, telephone number, email address). However, can be used to collect anonymous internet user activity information (browser type used, website views, number of visits, exact path to which the user has visited the website, time spent on the website, etc.).

Our site, like most websites, includes third party features and these third parties can send their cookies to your web browser.

How can cookies be controlled?

Most web browsers offer you the ability to accept, delete, or block all cookies, allow you to see what cookies are in your browser, and periodically delete cookies.

  • In order to control cookies in Chrome browser, go to Settings → Advanced → Content Settings → Cookies
  • In order to control cookies in Firefox browser, go to Options → Privacy&Security → Cookies and Site Data → Manage Data
  • In order to control cookies in Edge browser, go to Settings → Clear browsing data → Choose what to clear

You may choose not to allow the installation and use of cookies, but please note that disabling cookies may limit the use of separate parts of our website and make it impossible to use Movin web application.

Use of Google Analytics on website

The Movin website uses Google Analytics cookie created by Google Inc. Movin has evaluated the need to use this tool for collecting cookies, and has assessed the impact of the use of this tool on data protection.

The purpose of using Google Analytics cookies is to improve the content quality of Movin website and adapt the content to user needs. Information on how Google Analytics collects and processes data is provided on the homepage

Where can information be received?

Responsibility for use of cookies on the online resources of Movin and for secure processing of your personal data rests with Movin. If you have any question or suggestions, please e-mail us on