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Home loans

It doesn't matter if you have a family, if you're a young or experienced professional, entrepreneur, student or anyone else, actually. We understand what having a specific type of employment status means when getting a loan and we are here to support you on your journey to becoming a homeowner.

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Loan purpose
You can receive a loan for purchase; purchase and reconstruction or refinance.
Loan amount
Minimum available loan size is 5000 euro, maximum - 500’000 euro.
Occupancy type
You can receive a loan for a primary residence , second home/vacation home and investment property.
Maximum debt to income ratio (DTI)
You can qualify for a loan usually if your current monthly debt liabilities does not exceed 40% of your monthly net income.
Loan term
The longest time to pay back your loan is 30 years. Of course, you can pay it back as quickly as you can.
Down payment
The Down payment should be at least 10% of the property's price. If you want to purchase a home for 100 000, you have to have at least 10 000 for the down payment.

If you want to learn more about loan conditions, go to our dictionary.

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